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As seniors continue to age, staying at home may no longer be a viable option. Families need to find alternative senior living solutions and guidance in doing the right thing.

Let Next Steps 4 Seniors ​assist you in this process. We offer FREE placement assistance and resources for senior living AT NO COST TO YOU. Our goal is to provide information and guidance to simplify and streamline the process of finding the right place for you or your loved one to reside with dignity and access to all necessary assistance. The experience of helping our parents as they age should not be stressful or chaotic.  It can be a relaxed time that you can embrace as a step of this journey called “life”. Let us share our many helpful resources with you including a checklist of the most important considerations to make this process less stressful and more successful.

Our Mission

Our mission is to walk alongside families to insure this time of transitional care is met with the compassion, attention, and respect all seniors deserve. Our commitment to meeting the ever-changing physical and emotional needs of each individual is the cornerstone of our whole-hearted desire to provide an environment in which all members may experience the opportunity to thrive.

What We Do

The obligation and experience of helping our parents or other
loved ones as they age should not be stressful or chaotic. We offer
placement assistance and resources for senior living. Our goal is
to provide information and guidance to simplify and streamline
the process of finding the right place for you or your loved one to
reside with dignity and all necessary assistance. Let us share our
many helpful resources with you, including a checklist of the most
important considerations to make the entire process less stressful
and more successful.

Our Team

Next Steps 4 Seniors has a team of placement specialists
dedicated to serving our clients. We have a social worker on staff
as well as numerous experienced specialists empathetic to your
situation. Our goal is to work closely with you to establish the
“next steps” for you or your loved one. Administrative staff in the
office is also prepared to answer questions and direct you to the
correct resource. We are privileged to work with you and look
forward to positive results.

Our Founder

Wendy Jones

Wendy Jones is a business management professional, she served as a regional manager for a large health care organization that serviced several hospitals, assisted living homes, and skilled nursing facilities. Wendy has extensive background in a skilled nursing home/rehab facility in admissions and placement.

Together with her pharmacy background in long-term care, she brings a solid knowledge and relationship base that is extremely beneficial to seniors and their families. Wendy has literally worked ``arm in arm`` with seniors for more than 15 years while managing the Outreach to Seniors program at her church.

By combining a true passion for serving the elderly with her broad-based industry experience and personal contacts, Wendy is an invaluable resource for senior living placement.

Why Next Steps? What Makes Us Different?

Next Steps 4 Seniors is not your ordinary senior living placement agency. We offer personal, customized support for you and the senior you love by providing these enhanced services and care:


  1. Prescreen potential communities in your preferred area that meet your needs medically, socially, spiritually and financially.
  2. Schedule and, if necessary, attend the tours of the communities for your consideration.
  3. Facilitate any of these elements that you may require upon your selection:
    • 3rd party movers
    • Transfer of prescriptions and Pharmacy services
    • Moving day schedule
  4. After move in follow up:
    • By phone with the senior, their contact person and the community
    • In person with the senior, hand-delivering a “welcome” gift basket

Next Steps 4 Seniors Weekly Radio Program

The Next Steps 4 Seniors radio program airs Saturday mornings at 11am and Sunday mornings at 10am on WDTK The Patriot.
This radio program is your go-to for information and resources for all of us as we age.
Tune in or click on any of the program links below that may offer you guidance and answers for your current situation.

For comments or questions you want answered “on the air”… simply send us a message!
Your Questions. Real Life. Real Answers.

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The Next Steps 4 Seniors radio program airs Saturday mornings at 11am and Sunday mornings at 10am on WDTK The Patriot.

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